Ayers Rock

Solitude's Surprises

Bird's Eye View

Elm Street Eucalyptus

Arcade Walk, Maddona di San Luca - Bologna

Delicate Arch

Cat at a Window

Clothes on a Line

Wash Day

Chongging Art Colony

Guilin, China

Poolside Perspective

Rockies Ranch

Out the Window - Bologna

Summer Scene

Rainy Day Tableau

Jicama Rules

Grandfather's Shop

Glory, Glory

Hilding's Tour - Sweden

Kiwi Fog

Somewhere in France

Pont du Gard

Sparkling Spring


Donkey Fair - Roquecaire, France

Worker - Yueyang Tower

"God of Small Things" - Kerola, India

Reykjavik, Iceland


Glory Bright

Blue Leaf

White Leaves

Light One Candle

Goosey, Goosey Gander

Under Construction

Boisterous Bottles

California Mural

Italian Garden

Science and Snow

Nevada Truck


Easter 2011